Bowlers connect with WEPLAY
Bowlers now have the opportunity to communicate with other bowlers as well as athletes from other sports online at Weplay.  USBC has partnered with Weplay to make this service available to bowlers.  Check out the article on as well as visit the Weplay web site

After you set up an account you can add friends, such as Coach Frye.  Hope to see you online...
and consider establishing a profile.  This is a great opportunity for social networking, especially for bowlers who compete in national tournaments then are looking for ways to keep in touch with their new friends.

Practice gets you closer to perfect...

We agree that practicing will help improve your bowling game.  This works for bowlers of any age or ability level.  One of the tools a bowler can use to help improve is to chart their bowling sessions.  You can then,  at your leisure,  analyze  your shots with your coach on your own.  Below is a link to a practice sheet you may want to consider using. 
Bowling charting practice sheet

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Importance of Temporary Youth Membership Card
At the beginning of each bowling season youth bowlers (or their parents) pay an annual USBC membership fee.  When this fee is paid, you (bowler) are entitled to be given your temporary USBC membership card.  At the right hand side of the membership application is the bowler's temporary membership card.  This scanty looking piece of paper is the bowler's proof of current season membership until the permanent card arrives.  Current USBC membership cards are required to be shown at USBC Certified tournaments and leagues.  Bowler runs the risk of disqualification from competition without proof of membership.

At an alarming rate, it appears bowling centers and league officials routinely do not provide this temporary membership card.  When this occurs a disservice is done to the bowler. 

Parents, be sure to request (or demand) the temporary membership card is provided when paying annual USBC membership fees.

Another tidbit that isn't well publicized is that if you lose your USBC membership card during the  season you can go on and print out a replacement card.

Newspapers miss opportunities

Bowling is the fastest growing High School sport however sport writers for newspapers have yet to provide quality space.

If a newspaper has a specific bowling section it typically include a posting of weekly league scores submitted from league secretaries.  There may also be a brief article about an adult who shot a 300 game or other honor score.  One paper even devotes a portion of this precious column space to providing what boils down to advertisements.  

What is missing are real stories about youth bowlers.  There are so many good news/feel good stories available, it is unfortunate recognition is almost non-existent.

Help out you local papers by crafting your own article and submitting to the sports editor for consideration.  Aside from people wanting to have their fifteen minutes of fame, there are some awesome youth bowlers out there that everyone should hear about.

Do as I do not so helpful

Bowlers who have had success in the sport of bowling and have an interest in helping others learn this fine sport should consider getting properly educated before attempting to help others.

Too many times adult bowlers attempt to help others learn the game by showing them how they bowl.  Many times they are trying to show advanced as well as less than 'text book' items to a struggling or beginning bowler.  It's extremely important for beginning bowlers, especially youth, to have fun while learning the sport.

Adults interested in helping others are strongly urged to first get certified as a bowling coach.  USBC has made entry level certification more accessible by offering the Level I course on line.  The course is designed for people interested in helping new or beginning bowlers regardless of age. 

Visit this link to the web site to find out more information, register for the Level I class, as well as find out more about USBC Coaching.

Opportunity for Bowling Centers to Improve the Sport

Bowling Centers when planning each bowling season should consider not holding youth leagues on days where either State or Local Association Youth Championships are competed.  Centers can choose to either start their season a week earlier or extend the season one week so there is no loss of revenue.

By supporting Local and State Tournaments during the bowling season, Centers send a message they believe it's important for youth bowlers to participate in events that will help them to improve as bowlers.

In addition, these tournaments typically offer bowlers the opportunity to earn scholarship money.  The earlier a bowler can begin to earn scholarship money the large potential they have to amass a greater amount when it comes time for college. 

Most State and Local Associations tend to hold their tournaments in the same month and/or time frame.

Bowling Centers have the ability to influence their bowlers (and their parents) by promoting these events as well as making it as easy as possible for bowlers to participate in these types of tournaments by canceling regular league bowling for that day (or weekend).

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